A remix of a song I did for Anosou’s brilliant Cobalt OST

Velocispider Theme

The theme from Retro Dreamer’s awesome arcade game Velocispider.

Casey’s Contraptions Theme

The theme for Casey’s Contraptions!

Word Fighter Theme

One of the themes for the work-in-progress iPad game Word Fighter.
Rocking tune with a driving beat, pounding drums, and solo…

Chicken Balls Theme

The main theme for the upcoming iPad game Chicken Balls
Do xylophone, banjo, electric bass, piano, and drums go together well?…

Theme from Blast!

Steampunk intertwines with folksy jazz in the theme from Blast!
Theme from Blast!

DIY Gamer Podcast Theme

This combination of chiptune and modern electro combines to represent the Indie Gaming community for the DIY Gamer Podcast.
DIY Podcast…

Blocks Theme

A mix of woodwinds, strings, flutes, and bongos bring many world influences together in this theme for the game Blocks.

Mario Montage of Funk

A funky montage of music from Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 on the Nintendo Entertainment System
Mario Montage of…


A contrasting mix of modern electronic and ancient asian influences.