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About Cardinal Quest: “Turn up the volume and click play. That’s how all video games should sound.” – PC Gamer

Cardinal Quest’s “music is rad” – Destructoid

Velocispider “has a great soundtrack” – Touch Arcade

If this [Super Stickman Golf] music were released 20-25 years ago, there would be countless remixes of it on OCRemix. It is that incredible. – 148 Apps

Velocispider is “decked out in all its pixel art glory thanks to Craig’s graphics and a lively chiptunes soundtrack from musician Whitaker Blackall” – App Addict


A remix of a song I did for Anosou’s brilliant Cobalt OST

Velocispider Theme

The theme from Retro Dreamer’s awesome arcade game Velocispider.

Casey’s Contraptions Theme

The theme for Casey’s Contraptions!

Word Fighter Theme

One of the themes for the work-in-progress iPad game Word Fighter.
Rocking tune with a driving beat, pounding drums, and solo guitar.

Chicken Balls Theme

The main theme for the upcoming iPad game Chicken Balls
Do xylophone, banjo, electric bass, piano, and drums go together well? You tell me.